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The current situation is causing Québec businesses’ needs to evolve quickly and challenges to multiply. At Videotron Business and Fibrenoire, we are committed to supporting all our customers as they get ready to relaunch their activities. Discover the various measures, offers, and solutions we have implemented to help businesses of all kinds across Québec—big and small—rise to the challenges that come with our new reality.

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Revo Uninstaller

The Uninstaller module is Revo Uninstaller ‘s primary feature for situations when a program won’t uninstall normally or when you have some doubts that a program has not been uninstalled completely.

Also when a program is uninstalled, often times there are multiple files, folders, and/or Registry entries left on your system, which can cause various issues if not removed. This happens more frequently than you might think.

Revo Uninstaller acts as both a replacement and a supplement to the built-in functionality in Windows by first running the built-in uninstaller for the program, and then scanning for leftover data afterwards, making it your best choice when it comes to completely remove stubborn programs, temporary files, and other unnecessary program data that is left behind after the standard uninstall process.

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ClearOS ~ Test Bench!

Why ClearOS?
Applications and an operating system come with your computer, tablet, and phone. So, why not on your server? HPE is redefining the small business server by offering ClearOS with HPE ProLiant servers. ClearOS is a simple, open, and affordable operating system with an intuitive graphical web-based user interface and an application marketplace with over 100 apps to choose from, with more being added every day. Leveraging open source software, you decide what applications you need and only pay for the applications and support you want.

HPE and ClearCenter are making it easy for small, home, remote, and branch offices to have a server ready to use, out of the box, at no additional cost. HPE ProLiant integrated with ClearOS offers a simple, affordable, and secure experience. Building the IT solution that is just right for you has never been easier.

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