Stuck in Windows 10 S Mode even if you have formatted!

Good day, I had a issue with a new laptop Acer Swift that used Windows 10 S mode to prevent any installation of software not created by Microsoft! This is very annoying! Here is a quick fix to solve this problem.

  1. Download a fresh copy of windows 10 pro
  2. Burn it on a USB Key drive
  3. You will have to include (2) files on the new created USB Key drive

First you will need to create those 2 files using notepad

First file

ei.cfg < filename to create

Inside this file you will add those lines


Now save the file on your local hard drive.

Second file


Inside this file you will add those lines


You will need to type your Windows 10 Pro license

Now save the file on your local hard drive.

You will then need to copy those (2) files to the new created windows 10 Pro USB key.

Copy both files in the root of the key
Copy both files in /source

Reboot and install Windows 10 Pro.


phpMyAdmin Internal 500 error when importing large database!


  • Fresh minimal install of CentOS Linux 7.6.1810
  • Webmin version 1.90
  • ConfigServer Security & Firewall 12.1
  • MariaDB default webmin/virtualmin install
  • LAMP
  • Phpmyadmin

I ran into problem trying to import a large database on a fresh CENTOS 7 test lab! After setting up value in php.ini (I am running PHP version 7.0.27). I was still not able to import the database in phpmyadmin.

Notice the Maximum execution time is set to 120 seconds

Even after changing this value for 240-500, 700 seconds…
I am still having issue importing the database!

Here is the fix,… you need to go in Virtualmin

1. Select the virtual server
2. Navigate to -> Server Configuration -> Website Options
3. In Website and Php options navigate to Maximum Php script run time

I checked “Unlimited” and hit “Save”

VoilĂ , I am able to import this large database without any errors!

For security reason I suggest that you put back the default value after your importation is finish!