StarWind Virtual SAN® Free

StarWind Virtual SAN Free targets those who need a SAN or NAS for their home lab, educational or research purposes. It is free for production use, but comes with a basic restricted set of features, compared to the full VSAN. In case a serious project is starting, StarWind Virtual SAN will come in handy. It offers a wider set of features unlocked and more usage scenarios, also being backed by StarWind support. Getting qualified assistance from expert engineers simplifies the building and maintenance of virtualization infrastructure. The complete list of differences between free and paid versions can be found here. In case there is no time for “Do-It-Yourself” tinkering, StarWind offers a turnkey solution – StarWind HyperConverged Appliance. It unifies best-of-breed software and hardware from multiple vendors and covers it with one “support umbrella”.