The “unhide” command used by rkhunter!

The unhide command for RKHUNTER in CentOS 7 must be installed with the following “Yum” command:

yum install unhide unhide-tcp

I have detected that rkhunter need this file to be able to unhide stuff!

Info: Starting test name ‘malware’
Performing malware checks
Info: Test ‘deleted_files’ disabled at users request.
Info: Starting test name ‘running_procs’
Checking running processes for suspicious files [ None found ]
Info: Starting test name ‘hidden_procs’
Info: Unable to find the ‘unhide’ command
Info: Unable to find the ‘unhide-linux’ command
Checking for hidden processes
[ Skipped ]

rkhunter command line

rkhunter help

Have Phun!