HP Proliant G7 NMI received for unknown reason

Was trying to install Centos 7 on a HP Proliant G7 DL380 Server and received some strange NMI errors! I was booting from a fresh version of Centos 7! The error was generated by NMI. First I taught it was memory related, I tested like 30 different DDR3 Memory sticks!

No luck it’s not memory related

Centos 7 is installed on the G7 Server,.. CentOS load but hang with all kinds of weird errors related to NMI!

The weird part:  I was able to install Windows Server 2012 R2 without any problem?

By digging this error since 4 days and did a lot of test! I found out what was the cause of this nightmare bug!

Easy fix here!

Power on your server and go into the bios settings (F9)

Disable Hypertread technology!

reboot your server, CentOS 7 latest Minimal install should Boot now!!