Image Optimizer for WordPress

Introducing the Image Optimizer for WordPress: a feather-light plugin engineered to swiftly tackle your website’s image hurdles.

Elevate your website’s SEO standing, visitor influx, and sales figures effortlessly by streamlining every image and PDF document on your platform. With a single click, seamlessly integrate cutting-edge image formats into your website, slashing up to 90% of your site’s bandwidth consumption.

How does it revolutionize your website?

The ShortPixel Image Optimizer seamlessly dispatches your uploaded images to ShortPixel’s optimization cloud in the background. Here, our robust algorithms meticulously refine and convert your images, before seamlessly replacing them in your Media Library. The optimized images, indistinguishable from the originals to the naked eye but significantly lighter in byte size, are then served in place of their bulkier counterparts. The result? Expedited page loading times and an enhancement in your Core Web Vitals metrics.

Key features:

  • Automatic optimization of images and PDFs upon upload to your Media Library, leveraging ShortPixel’s optimization cloud without burdening your server.
  • Effortlessly optimize all existing images and PDFs in your Media Library with a single click.

    Do I need this plugin?

    If your WordPress website flaunts images, then the answer is a resounding yes! Have you ever been flagged by performance evaluation tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix for oversized images or the absence of “next-gen” formats like WebP or AVIF? ShortPixel Adaptive Images swoops in to the rescue, swiftly resolving your website’s image-related woes.

Please note: If your site grapples with performance issues such as “improperly sized images” or “deferred offscreen images,” our ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin is your comprehensive solution. It not only rectifies these issues but also serves optimized images from a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

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