Quality open source alternative to SonicWALL and WatchGuard

Untangle’s Firewall filters traffic based on IP address, protocol and ports and allows administrators to designate which systems and services (http, ftp, etc.) are publicly available, create a DMZ and perform NAT (with Router), and run as a transparent bridge to complement existing hardware.

Untangle is much more than a firewall. It is, in fact, a Linux distribution that includes a host of software written by other developers. Software includes a Web Filter, Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Virus Blocker, Phish Blocker, Instrusion Prevention, Attack Blocker, OpenVPN, Router, Untangle Reports, and Untangle Platform.

Features include:

  • Blocks sessions based on simple rules
  • Rules can be based on a variety of attributes
  • Custom logging, blocking or passing rules can be created by:
    • protocol
    • direction
    • source address
    • destination address
    • source port
    • destination port

Source : https://www.untangle.com/