mod_parmguard for Apache Webserver

The Apache module that will protect your scripts against hacker’s input !

There is an Apache module, mod_parmguard (, which is close to providing a complete solution to positive security model requirements. When I checked Version 1.3, the module was not stable for production use, but you should check on it from time to time to see if it improves.

Download version 1.4


Its configuration is XML-based and, for this purpose, easier to use than Apache-style configuration typical for other modules. Here’s a short excerpt from its documentation for a page with a single parameter:

    <parm name="name">
      <type name="string"/>
      <attr name="maxlen" value="10"/>
      <attr name="charclass" value="^[a-zA-Z]+$"/>

Other interesting features of this module include a spider that analyzes the application and produces configuration data automatically and the ability to generate custom data types and save time writing the configuration.