OpenCart 3 PDF not loading>? FIX in Information pages?>

We had a strange bug in OC 3.x! When adding a PDF link outside of the OC files structure on the same domain name?!

mod_sec = nothing in my log’s, even with LiquidWEB TECH!

.htaccess NO LUCK HERE!

The fix! 

Just call your pdf file(s),  https / http ,.. link inside your image directory structure ! ,,… ,, like in create the OC directory “/image/catalog/terms (OR ANYTHING HERE), use filezilla to upload your PDF file(S). Your links or “image link” will still be visible when you will hit save in your Information(s) pages!

The bottom line is that you cannot call a non-OC directory, Ex,.: public_html/yournamehere/download/

I have a good idea why? Good SEC-JOB!