APACHE + MOD_SEC 413 or 44 ~ Request Entity Too Large ;-)

My friend ran into a problem with my CENTOS Server. The problem was related to a error in Opencart.

“Error 413 Request Entity is Too Large…”

You need to edit mod_security.conf to fix this issue


Locate this part near the top of the configuration

# Default recommended configuration
SecRuleEngine On “You may turn this Off, until you fix thing, but put it back On
SecRequestBodyAccess On
SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:Content-Type “text/xml” \
SecRequestBodyLimit 531072
SecRequestBodyNoFilesLimit 531072
SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit 531072
SecRequestBodyLimitAction Reject

Now change the value of those two configuration

SecRequestBodyLimit 2147483647   (2GB unlimited value)
SecRequestBodyNoFilesLimit 5242880  (This will fix the 413 error)
SecRequestBodyInMemoryLimit 531072
SecRequestBodyLimitAction Reject

Restart Apache

systemctl restart httpd


Cheers Dejan from SERBIA! TEAMWORK!!!

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