phpMyAdmin Internal 500 error when importing large database!


  • Fresh minimal install of CentOS Linux 7.6.1810
  • Webmin version 1.90
  • ConfigServer Security & Firewall 12.1
  • MariaDB default webmin/virtualmin install
  • LAMP
  • Phpmyadmin

I ran into problem trying to import a large database on a fresh CENTOS 7 test lab! After setting up value in php.ini (I am running PHP version 7.0.27). I was still not able to import the database in phpmyadmin.

Notice the Maximum execution time is set to 120 seconds

Even after changing this value for 240-500, 700 seconds…
I am still having issue importing the database!

Here is the fix,… you need to go in Virtualmin

1. Select the virtual server
2. Navigate to -> Server Configuration -> Website Options
3. In Website and Php options navigate to Maximum Php script run time

I checked “Unlimited” and hit “Save”

VoilĂ , I am able to import this large database without any errors!

For security reason I suggest that you put back the default value after your importation is finish!